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Logo skins are made to cover a larger area of your side fairings by taking the custom graphics beyond just the inside of the R logos to give you an even more custom look.

The pattern of each skin piece will be contoured as closely as possible to the fairing shape of your specific model year bike. 

More pictures & style examples coming soon.

 Sizes will be based on the GSXR logo size for your specific model. Please read FAQ/SIZING page for more info on sizing and installation!

As always, email for any info or custom changes!


$ Money $  

Fit any year (may need to trim edges on some years if it goes beyond edge of fairings).

Features stacks of $100 bills, single $100 bills, Diamonds, Gold coins and Rubies.*

Each set comes with 2 large main graphics, and (2) extra $100 bill & Diamond stand alone decals per side (as pictured).

You can place the stand alone decals anywhere & in any arrangement you like!!

* If you need extra diamond or $100 bill stand alone decals, you may order as many extra as you want (additional charged per decal).



Spiderman (black)

 2004 model year skin pictured. Choose any color R & GSX letters or even add the Spiderman web pattern to the R.  Each skin is composed of 1 piece of vinyl.



Features oversize Punisher Skull, life size bullet holes & blood streaks. Best of all, its a multiple piece decal set so you have the freedom to position most of the decals anywhere you think looks best!

As always, you choose the color R & GSX that you want!!

Sized based off of the GSX-R logo for your model year, and easiest to apply. Main part of skin (center with GSX-R logo) is 1 piece, and you will also receive a sheet with additional Blood pattern decals & Bullet hole decals. This way no matter what year or body style of your bike, you can position the other blood & bullet hole decals anywhere you want for a perfect look! You will receive more bullet holes & blood pattern decals than pictured, in case you want to cover a larger area on your bike than picture shown below!




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