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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove my stock decals before applying new decals?

It is recommended that you remove (if possible) your stock decals before putting new decals on your bike. While this is not always possible, it will result in the best appearance of new decals on the bikes surface.

Will the custom decals completely cover my OEM decals if I do not remove the OEM decals?

The GSX-R decals cover the OEM logos 99% of the time given you provide the correct model and year of your bike. The other OEM decals vary in size more frequently and are harder to match without your measurements. It is always better for you to take a few minutes to measure your OEM decals if you plan on overlaying as OEM decals may vary slightly even on the same model bike!

What is the quality of customGIXXER vehicle graphics & how long will the decals last?

customGIXXER uses the latest wide format digital printing equipment & software and the highest quality medias available to create all your custom decals. We have invested large amounts of time and money to bring you the best! You will not find higher quality products anywhere else!

We use the thinnest outdoor vehicle vinyl available to give your decals the best finished look possible. All decals are scratch, UV/fade resistant, and waterproof on the highest quality vinyl media we can get. They have a high gloss clear coat which also provides them with additional protection from scratches and outdoor weather. They are made to last for years.

How should I apply the decals?

All decals should be applied to a smooth, fully cleaned and dried surface. DO NOT install decals in temperatures below 50 F. VInyl adhesive does not adhere well in cold temperatures and may later begin to peel!! Decals should be applied carefully to avoid any bubbles or creases. Transfer tape is included with the more difficult to apply decals and lettering. If using the transfer tape, simply peel off transfer tape and decals, apply to desired location, rub gently to surface and slowly and carefully peel away transfer tape leaving decal on surface. Additional rubbing may need to be applied to decal to remove any air bubbles, etc and fully adhere to surface.

To remove stubborn air bubbles that occur, simply use a sharp needle and poke the air bubble and then press with your finger. You will not notice the pin mark at all if you do this properly!

To remove any decals you should use a heat gun (or hair dryer) to heat up the adhesive and then remove any left over residue with a sticker/adhesive remover product (if not avail, rubbing alcohol also works well to remove left over residue). As with your stock graphics, the adhesive is made to last so it may be hard to remove. Take your time!!

How long does it take to have a custom design created?

Custom Designs can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week or more, depending on our amount of current requests & the complexity of your design request. We will attempt to complete a demo image for your custom request as soon as possible! If you haven't heard back if a few days, feel free to email for an update on your request.

I have emailed a request/order/question but have not received a response!

Sometimes email spam filters can block your email from reaching us. If you have not received a response to your email within 24 hours, please try to resend the message or email us again!



SIZING & Installation INFO!

If you have any questions, please ask, we can help advise you on installation issues!

The most important part to remember when installing decals is to always clean & dry the surface prior to installation, and during installation TAKE YOUR TIME! Peel back only part of the decals backing paper and apply a little bit at a time if you think you may have trouble installing it all at once.

Once decals are applied to surface, check for any air bubbles. It may be necessary to poke an air bubble gently with a needle if you cant remove it by hand. This will let the trapper air escape when you press on the air bubble.

Clear transfer tape comes with all SUZUKI lettering and any other cut decals that would be too hard to apply without the transfer tape. You can request transfer tape for the R logos & Tail logos if you are unfamiliar with installing vinyl graphics! Transfer tape will make any vinyl decal easier to install.

* If you mess up a spot while installing the decal, STOP immediately. You can peel back a small area without damaging the decal if you do the following. Very slowly peel back the part of the decal while using low heat from a hair dryer to soften the adhesive backing. You should then be able to reapply the area. Be careful, too much heat from a hair dryer or heat gun will cause the decal to shrink or curl up!

Custom sizes can be made for ANY decals, default sizing is listed below

We have OEM sizing charts, so all you need to do is provide the year and model GSX-R.

GSX-R logos - normally 7.3" up to 8.7" depending on your model and year GSX-R. These are easy to install and do not require any transfer tape.


600, 750, 1000 Tail logo decals - from 4.6" to 7.2" wide depending on your model and year. These are the easiest to apply and require no transfer tape.


S - logo tank decals - approx 2" wide. Easy to install, require no transfer tape.


SUZUKI font tank decals* - approx 8.5" wide, depending on your year and model. More difficult to apply, please read below.

* These will be shipped with top grade clear transfer tape for easier application to surface. Because of the curves in the tank, you probably will need to cut each letter apart and apply 1 by 1 if you are attempting to overlay your OEM tank decals. This is necessary to get perfect spacing and alignment!


SUZUKI large fairing decals* - many different sizes depending on the year and where they are located on the lower fairings. You will need to measure these to get an accurate fit! Also, if you are overlaying these decals over your stock SUZUKI lettering please note the following!

*These will be shipped with top grade clear transfer tape over each set to make it easier to apply. Because of the irregular fairing surface, if you are trying  to overlay these overtop of the OEM SUZUKI lettering, you may need to cut the lettering apart and apply each letter one at a time to get perfect spacing and alignment! Once decal is applied you may also need to use an exacto or other sharp knife and carefully cut away excess in the lettering where it may wrap around the edges of gaps in the fairings or bolt holes. This is very simple to do, simply take your time. We will be adding a step by step picture tutorial soon!


SUZUKI small curved decals - approx 3.5" to 4" wide depeding on year. Also depending on year, you may need each curved decal to be in opposite directions (think smiley or frown shapes).

GSX-R Logo SKINS - These are the most difficult to apply, so please go SLOW and be careful, it will be almost impossible to reposition the decals once you apply them. We will have full pictured installation info and step by step pics coming soon.

Please be aware that some part of the logo skins may extend slightly beyond the edge of parts of the fairings. In this case, simply apply decal to edge and use an exacto knife to cut off any small part that goes past the edge of the fairing.

Also, some skins may be large enough to cover 2 separate pieces of fairings, so in this case, remove the hex bolts that hold the 2 pieces of fairing together, and apply the decal across the gap to the other side. By pressing the vinyl to the surface you will easily be able to tell where the bolt holes and thin fairing gaps are as the vinyl will make an impression in this area when you apply pressure while installing the decals. Use an exacto or other sharp knife and cut a small hole in the decal (slightly smaller than the hole in the fairing) where the hex bolts go and also cut a line into the space between where the fairings come together. You can then use your finger to rub the vinyl into the gap of the fairing to make a clean look where the decal will now cover both pieces of the fairing. Also, after you cut a small hole where the hex bolts go into the vinyl, when you screw the bolts back in, it will pull the decal into the hole and around the bolt circle giving you a clean look. Pictured step by step instructions coming soon!

For all decals! Custom sizes can be requested on any order, if you do not specify a custom size, you will recieve the OEM specs!


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